For couples seeking a rabbi in Europe


There are many websites that offer to sell a ketubah.

One that shows the range of traditional orthodox texts available is http://www.artchazin.com/html/ketubah_text.html
To go to this website, click here.

Many of the sites are based in the USA and Israel and perhaps the one with the greatest variety and which is easy to navigate is http://www.jessyjudaica.com/ketubahs/
To go to the website, click here.

For a ketubah in French go to https://cestuneketouba.com
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Other sites worth considering can be found through use of a search engine, or such sites as eBay, or Etsy, or Amazon. Keep in mind that you may have to pay extra to have a scribe, or graphic artist fill in the details.

It is better not to leave this matter to the last minute as they not only have to be produced, which usually involves confirming details with the rabbi, but also posted, or sent by courier half way around the world.

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