Senior couple enjoying the beach at sunset after their jewish wedding with a rabbi in Europe.

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Some couples feel that having reached a significant anniversary that they would like to celebrate this achievement.
It is not possible to have another wedding, as this might imply that the first ceremony was not valid.
It is possible to have a ceremony that marks this particular moments within a religious context.



Not everyone gets married while they are young, or even middle-aged.
They find that it is only later on in life that they feel ready to get married.
Some may out-live, or divorce an earlier partner and want to get married to somebody new.



Individuals who are either physically, or mentally disabled may wish to get married like anyone else.
Providing they have the capacity to understand what they are doing and the consequences and are legally able to do so, then having a religious ceremony should certainly be possible.
If there is a requirement, customs and traditions can be adapted to fit individual circumstances.



Although the military usually have their own chaplains to call upon, they may not always have access to a rabbi.
Even if rabbis are available, they may not be willing to officiate.
This may be particularly the case when posted abroad.


Special Situations

This is a catch-all category for couples whose situation is not described by any of the other headings on this site.

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The Photo Album contains photos with a cross section of couples in the above categories.

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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