A Jewish and Christian couple relaxing after their mixed marriage led by a rabbi in Europe.

For couples seeking a rabbi in Europe


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This page give you some advice about how to prepare prior to the ceremony.

To get more information about how to prepare for your ceremony, click here.

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This page gives you more information about the religious ceremony.

To get more information about ceremonies, click here.



This page gives you more details about the different kinds of chuppah, (Wedding canopy).

To get more information about a chuppah, click here.

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This page gives you access to four different kinds of documents.

To download, view and print any documents, click here.



This page

To view photographs from the gallery, click here.



The Contact page type lets visitors send messages and attachments to you via an easy-to-use form. You can completely customise the page to your specific requirements, including the use of checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, pop-up menus and more.

To make contact with the rabbi and send an email, click here.

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