Guests enjoying a glass of champagne, at a discreet religious wedding in Europe, led by a rabbi.

For couples seeking a rabbi in Europe


Ceremonies that might be considered as being a
special situation fall broadly into five possibilities.

Firstly, there are couples who wish to have their ceremony outside of Europe, or at a special venue and are in need of a rabbi.

Secondly, it can include couples who for various reasons need a very discreet ceremony, or a ceremony that is very secure.

Thirdly, are couples whose ceremony is likely to attract a great deal of attention, or who wish to invite a lot of people to see them be married and this needs particular preparation.

Fourth possibility, are couples who for whatever reasons anticipate that their ceremony might have other complications.

The final consideration is for people who don’t need a rabbi in order to get married, but for another life-cycle ceremony, such as those following the birth of a child, or funeral/cremation, or who may just want to get some advice on some other issue.

The best way to proceed in all these circumstances would be if you use the
Contact page and send a message with some details about your situation and a bit about yourselves.

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