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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to belong to a synagogue?
No, you don’t need belong to a synagogues, but it is highly recommended that whoever is jewish should do so, in order to support the community and to enjoy the benefits of being part of one.

2. Do I need to be legally married, or have had a legally binding commitment ceremony, before a religious ceremony can take place?
Yes, as a general rule this is required. The exceptions are where the law of the land allows for the civil and legal elements to be included in the religious ceremony. Any civil and legally binding ceremony can take place immediately before the religious in countries where this allowed, or a longer period before any religious ceremony, even if it is in another country. In some cases a copy of the civil certificate may be required by the rabbi.

3. Is it possible to have a rabbi and an officiant from another religion together at a ceremony?
Yes, providing the format of the ceremony and other details can be agreed. However, some religious traditions do not allow it.

4. Where is it possible to have a ceremony?
Anywhere within reason and subject to easy access to the venue, suitability, privacy and security.

5. Is there any requirement as to how to bring up children?
It is recognised that each couple will take on the responsibilities that go with bringing up children, including giving them a religious education and identity. For intermarried couples even if a child is rooted in one tradition, it will be important to give them some knowledge and understanding of the other religious tradition.

6. Can ceremonies be carried out on-line?
No, a ceremony needs to be take place in person between the officiant(s), witnesses, guests and the couple. There is no objection to it being broadcast on the web, providing notification is given and there is no objection.

7. Is it possible to find a rabbi for a ceremony outside of Europe?
It may be possible, but the arrangements will be more complicated and more expensive.

8. Are weddings the only religious ceremony available from this site?
It may be possible to arrange other ceremonies such funerals, cremations and baby blessings. Bar and Bat-mitzvahs are better done within a synagogue.

9. Is it possible to go through a conversion process on this site?
No, but it may be possible to those who wish to convert to be put in contact with someone who is able to help them.

10. Is it possible to be seen for psychotherapy through this site?
No, only rabbinic services are available and not psychotherapy.

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